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The Purple Poll Results

Purple Poll

Should students be allowed to carry guns on campus?

Marshall Boenker

Sophomore entrepreneurial management major

“Yes, because I think it keeps students safe in case something like the University of Texas incident happens on campus at TCU.”

Britanni Johnson

Senior political science major

“Yes, because I believe in the right to bear arms and protect yourself.”

Scott Asher

Junior movement science major

“No, because accidents do happen, and all it takes it is one accident for someone to either be injured or lose their life.”

Connor Perkins

Sophomore pre-major

“No, I don’t think college students are responsible enough to be carrying guns around.”

Katie Mayfield

Junior film-television-digital media and communication studies double major

“No, because it puts everyone in an unsafe environment.”


Yes, we should allow upright citizens to defend themselves. 43 % (87)

No, more guns mean more casualties. 57 % (115)

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