The Purple Poll Results

Purple Poll

Do you think that the health care reform should have done more?

Jacob Broom

Junior finance and accounting major

“No, because it has just added to the budget deficit.”

Scott Summers

Senior entrepreneurial management major

“I think [it] did enough because there was not enough reason to change the health care industry as it was.”

Matt Saxon

Sophomore neuroscience major

“I think [it] did enough to make people happy and it’s good enough for the time being.”

Paul Jorden

Senior finance major

“They have done enough because what they’ve done so far exceeds what people wanted in their attempts to standardize health care.”

Kara Brusoski

Senior biochemistry major

“I don’t think [it] did enough because prices for health care will continue to be high and that’s a problem.”

Eleanor Weltge

Sophomore nursing major

“I think they’ve done enough for now because we haven’t seen the full effects of everything they are trying to change.”