Pennies for Peace holding penny drive for remote communities

Students will have the opportunity this week to make a real difference in the global community through Pennies for Peace, a fundraiser that seeks to empower remote communities, especially schools, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to the Pennies for Peace website.

The Center for International Studies: TCU Abroad is holding the fundraiser all week in honor of the Pennies for Peace founder, Greg Mortenson, who will visit campus next semester. Members of the Neeley Fellows Program and communication studies classes are also sponsoring the fundraiser.

Pennies for Peace focuses on penny-raising campaigns, in which all proceeds go directly to building schools and providing school supplies and salaries for teachers and students in Central Asia. Penny jars will be in both Smith Hall and Tandy Hall for donations on Thursday and Friday.

Mortenson, co-author of this year’s common reading, “Three Cups of Tea,” will be presented with a check of the money raised this week when he visits the university on Jan. 24, 2011.

Students can donate at any of the fundraiser’s locations on campus and also through the Pennies for Peace website,

Pennies For Peace Fundraiser

7:30 a.m.&-10:30 a.m. Tuesday

Three Cups of Tea and Coffee: Coffee and Tea will be on sale for $1 in the Smith Lobby

7 p.m. Wednesday

Candlelight Walk: Campus-wide event to raise awareness. Begins at Moudy and will continue through campus.

9:30 a.m.&-2:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday

Penny jars will be in both Smith and Tandy halls for donations

Students can also make donations at or find the fundraiser’s Facebook page.