Letter to the Editor: Soak in the Frogs’ success

To the Editor (and student body): I happened to be the sports editor of the Skiff for three years in the late “70s and early “80s, when F.A. Dry coached and the Frogs had a lot of heart but few stars. It was, perhaps, TCU’s football nadir.

I was one of the few who attended nearly all of their games during that period. Those Frogs teams fought hard, but were outmanned, aside from a pretty good quarterback (Steve Stamp), two good receivers (Stanley Washington and Phillip Epps) and a great linebacker (Darrell Patterson).

The point is, TCU students and fans, enjoy the ride. Cherish the victories. Bask in the excitement of a great run or catch or tackle. Because what you may take for granted, even a little bit, your fellow Horned Frogs of years gone by do not. Two victories a year, for some of us, was a step forward. Now the Frogs get two victories between quizzes in your biology class.

So, consider yourselves fortunate. Soak it up. Don’t waste a moment of the fun. Because there are a few thousand men and women in their 50s who have waited a long time to share this feeling with you.

Ed Kamen

Class of 1982

Mill Valley, Calif.