TCU is a long family legacy

The Horned Frog hand sign isn’t only thrown up at sporting events for graduating senior Kailea Browning. For her and her long generation of TCU legacies, the Horned Frog hand sign is shown at weddings too.

At her brother’s wedding reception, the Browning family proudly gathered around a purple Horned Frog wedding cake while showing their everlasting TCU pride.

“That was a moment my family and I will always remember,” she said. “Not everyone can share something that special.”

After having two grandfathers, a cousin, a mother, a father and a brother graduate from TCU, Browning said she had no trouble deciding where she would attend college. After officially joining the Horned Frog community, she said the bonds with her close-knit family only grew stronger. The Brownings can now share special memories with one another that took place at the same beloved university over generations.

“It’s funny how we can relate on certain things such as the old dormitories, the Greek area, and what these places mean to us,” she said.

Browning said she looks forward to what life has in store for her and is excited to attend future TCU events as an alumna.