PBS show stops at TCU


The PBS show “History Detectives” made a stop at TCU Wednesday morning to interview professor Paul Boller in continuation of their research of World War II propaganda leaflets.

Boller is a professor emeritus at TCU and specializes in the history of the presidents. He also served as a linguist during the war. Boller helped prepare some of the leaflets that were dropped during the U.S. bombings of Japan and also worked as a translator during the occupation of Japan.

What brought PBS’s popular series to TCU and Boller was a box owned by a fan of the show in El Paso, Texas, containing an original leaflet. Wes Cowan, a “fact finder’ for the show, came to TCU to ask for some insight into Boller’s knowledge and history on the topic.

The episode will air during the show’s ninth season during the summer of 2011.