Academic Success Workshops offer entertainment, door prizes, energetic speaker

The six Academic Success Workshops scheduled for this semester will not be your typical study workshops, Billy Dabney, an academic coach, adviser and workshop speaker, said.

Not only are the workshops designed to be entertaining, with door prizes and an energetic speaker, but if students use the strategies taught, Dabney said they should expect to improve.

Dabney said each workshop would be dedicated to a different topic, all aiming to help students reach their full academic potential. These topics are based on what he called the “four cornerstones of academic success:” effective studying, time management, creating balance and high-stakes performance.

Dabney said he believed that mastering these areas was the key to success in college.

“What’s really cool about this semester’s ASWs, not like in the past, is that they really are building upon each other,” he said. “So throughout the semester, students really learn how to be the best academic performers they can.”

When students begin their college careers, they often implement the same strategies they used in high school without success, he said. The workshops are designed to help students understand the difference between high school and college learning, Dabney said.

The first session for the theme “Beginning Your Major Quest” was held Monday.

Freshman pre-major Realene Wang attended the workshop and said she planned to attend the other workshops as well.

She said she felt the workshops were a great thing for students looking for direction, especially freshmen.

In addition to first- and second-year students, Dabney recommended the workshops for students with test anxiety and students who believe they are capable of making better grades.

There will be two sessions for all six workshops, so students who missed the first session on Monday will have another opportunity to attend today, he said.

Freshman environmental science major Sally Clark went to the workshop and said she plans to attend the other workshops when her schedule permits. She said she felt the workshop topics planned for the semester would be helpful and that she was particularly interested in the “Effective Study Strategies” workshop that will be held Feb. 7 and 8.

As one of TCU’s academic coaches, Dabney will facilitate the workshops that teach academic skills. He said academic adviser Terence Kennedy will conduct “Beginning Your Major Quest,” and Steve Sherwood, from the Writing Center, will teach “College Essay Writing 101.”

The workshops are free for all students and no reservations are needed. All workshops will be held in Palko Hall, Room 226, at 4 p.m.

Spring Academic Success Workshops

When: 4-4:50 p.m. in Palko Hall, Room 226

Beginning Your Major Quest8212; Today

Effective Study Strategies 8212; Feb. 7 and 8

Time Management 8212; Feb. 21 and 22

College Essay Writing 101 8212; March 7 and 8

Creating Balance 8212; March 28 and 29

Surviving Your Finals 8212; April 18 and 19