Sid Rich evacuated due to natural gas odor

The Sid W. Richardson Building was briefly evacuated Tuesday morning because of the odor of natural gas moving throughout the building, a campus police officer said.

TCU Police Lt. Ramiro Abad said workers were refilling equipment with propane when some of the gas was sucked into the air and released in the building.

The equipment was being used for cleanup efforts after a pipe burst and flooded the basement Thursday, Abad said.

Evacuation of the building was a customary precaution, and students were never in immediate danger, Abad said.

At approximately 11:15 a.m., all classes in the building were interrupted for evacuation. Students were out of class for around 15 minutes.

Assistant professor Peter Frinchaboy said he was teaching Archaeoastronomy in one of the lecture halls when he was told to vacate the building.

The smell of gas was very noticeable, especially in the hallway, Frinchaboy said.

“My students were just doing a review, so I let them go,” Frinchaboy said.

Junior physics/astronomy and math double major Kelly Jackson was in her Quantum Mechanics class when the building was vacated.

Jackson’s class was on the third floor of the building and she said the smell of gas was faint.

“Of course half of our class left, because they thought they got a free day out of it,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she didn’t think the evacuation was anything major.

The Sid Richardson Building’s issues have been resolved and remains open for classes, Abad said.