University will benefit from Tech Resources’ preparations

The Internet Protocol version 4 is a code that each device connected to the Internet possesses, but the numbers to be assigned for that particular version could run out as soon as six months from now.

Considering this fear has been present since the 1980s, there has been sufficient time to prepare. Fortunately, the university has equipped itself for the change.

The switch to an updated Internet Protocol version 6 means little to nothing to the university because the university’s Information Technology professionals have been prepared for the change for years. By purchasing equipment compatible with IPv6, the only thing left to do is configure and test it.

In addition to having the proper equipment to prepare for the switch, the university said it has enough IPv4 addresses allocated to it to make a smooth switch to using IPv6.

Technology Resources did well by paying attention to the fact that IPv4 addresses would run out and taking appropriate steps to prepare the university for such an eventuality.

Because Technology Resources was prepared, it means the university will have one less headache to deal with when the change to IPv6 is necessary, which will leave the university more time to worry about other, more significant matters.

Web editor Rebecca Jeffrey for the editorial board.