Fans give sports support they deserve

This weekend was one full of record-setting events thanks to the dedication and support of Horned Frog fans.

On Friday night, the baseball single-game attendance record was easily surpassed as 6,099 fans attended the game, according to This, coupled with the fact that the average attendance during last season was less than 3,200 fans, really begins to show the magnitude the accomplishment.

It wasn’t just the baseball team that put up impressive numbers over the weekend, either 8212; the men’s basketball team got in on the action as well. For the Frogs’ game against BYU, there were 7,258 fans, just nine short of the all-time attendance record in the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum for a sporting event.

With top teams in baseball, tennis, rifle and golf, among others, students and fans have taken an increased interest in taking the time to go out to sporting events and to support the TCU athletics community. This is embodied in the e-mail that baseball head coach Jim Schlossnagle sent out to all of students Saturday, thanking them for their involvement and reiterating how important fan support is. Schlossnagle stated that fan support really does have a positive effect on the way the team preforms in addition to helping their recruiting.

The trend of rising attendance carries over from the record-breaking attendance numbers from 2010 football season and is indicative of an overall increase of interest in all Horned Frog sports. With so many sports doing as well as they have been, it’s not hard to understand why.

Multimedia editor Matt Coffelt for the editorial board.