Wireless Internet upgrade to be complete in August

Olivia Forkenbrock would spend hours using the wireless Internet in the library and the University Recreation Center instead of in her room in the Zeta house. Unlike other students, though, the relocation was involuntary because the wireless connection in the house was unreliable.

Forkenbrock, a sophomore strategic communication major, said she chose the library because she found the wireless Internet to be the most consistent on campus in comparison to other locations.

“For a while, at the beginning of the semester, we didn’t have Internet for about a week and a half,” she said.

However, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Don Mills said the university has made strides to address the connectivity issues.

Mills said the networking system was originally expanded three years ago. He said the amount of usage has doubled since the expansion, which has caused the current problems with the network.

The university began upgrading its wireless Internet system in January, Mills said. The upgrade will be completed by August and will improve the signal strength on campus by 60 to 75 percent, he said.

Multiple calls to Technology Resources were not returned Tuesday.

Student Government Association Vice President Brett Anderson said SGA had been addressing the issue of inconsistent wireless Internet since last November. The House Student of Representatives recognized Internet accessibility as a concern among students and adopted a resolution to improve the wireless connection by doubling the Internet access points on campus.

“We’ve come to expect a lot from the services we receive at TCU, and the Internet wasn’t really up to par,” he said.

Although the student wireless connection in the Worth Hills area was not satisfying the students, freshman graphic design major Ashley Moon said the university acted on student complaints about the Internet in Brachman Hall this semester.

She said there were only a couple of routers throughout the dormitory at the beginning of the semester, but several were added a few weeks ago. The routers were placed approximately 20 feet away from one another to increase coverage in the building.

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