More food prepared in-house benefits all

Market Square is preparing more foods in-house instead of buying canned versions, and that is something everyone can cheer.

Homemade, fresh foods should taste better, be healthier and, as one student said, make “the BLUU seem less like a cafeteria.”

The effort toward homemade, higher-quality food came from new Dining Services General Manager Stephen Miller, who was appointed in October and immediately saw room for improvement, Executive Chef Charlie Guajardo said.

Currently hummus, mashed potatoes, marinara sauce and salsa will be made on-site and brisket and chicken will be smoked on-site. Guajardo said more foods will be prepared on-site in the future.

Dining Services’ commitment to change and improvement should be commended. Students also have the opportunity to be a part of that change and voice their opinions and ideas at weekly Dining Services committee meetings, which are attended by Market Square employees, including Guajardo.

Students should take advantage of this chance to voice what new foods they would like to see available and what changes they would like to see made. With Dining Services’ commitment to change and improvement and its availability at weekly meetings, students have a great opportunity to shape future dining at the university.

Managing editor Mark Bell for the editorial board.