Tim Halperin moves on to Idol’s Top 24

After performing an original piece for his final audition, alumnus Tim Halperin took his place as one of the top 24 contestants on “American Idol” on Thursday night.

“American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez said that although she had been a fan of Halperin’s since the beginning of his “Idol” journey, she thought he should continue to improve. All three judges encouraged him to begin showing his deeper message and identity as an artist.

According to the show’s website, voting will begin Tuesday night when the top 12 men take the stage to win America’s vote. The top 12 women will then compete for a spot in the finals Wednesday night. Then, the finalists will be revealed on Thursday night’s show.

Viewers can vote during a two-hour window through calling, texting or voting online, according to the show’s website. Online voting is new for the show and requires voters to go to the show’s site, follow the directions, log in using Facebook and then cast their votes.

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