Students should take advantage of guest speakers

With the Monday campus visit of primatologist Jane Goodall and the announcement that Alice Walker, author of “The Color Purple,” will visit April 29, the number of prestigious speakers the university brings in certainly is not in short supply.

These speakers are brought in for students’ benefit, but sometimes the student body doesn’t take full advantage of these exceptional experiences.

It’s unfortunate that this happens as the diversity of speakers and the variety of topics ensures there’s almost always something for everyone.

The benefits of learning from professionals already established in their fields, whatever they may be, may prove highly advantageous for those attending. The wisdom and knowledge they share is invaluable if the opportunity is taken.

For example, this year’s Schieffer Symposium will feature a diverse group of panelists that will make the symposium distinct from those in the past, Schieffer School of Journalism Director John Lumpkin said. Not only journalism students but also those from other areas of study can benefit from the symposium, and an event doesn’t always have to be related to students’ emphasis for them to learn from it.

Though some opportunities have already passed, there are still some occasions that could unfortunately be missed. Let this be a challenge so these priceless opportunities do not go overlooked.

Associate web editor Rebecca Jeffrey for the editorial board.