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Froggie Five-0 jobs not gender exclusive

It turns out, Froggie Five-0 has a feminine side.

Jill Pollock, a junior psychology major, is one of four female drivers for the student escort service and disproves the belief that women cannot work for Froggie Five-0.

“That’s everybody’s first assumption 8212; that Froggie is all boys, and I’m like, “Well, hello. I work for Froggie,'” Pollock said.

Students often expressed their concern about females driving for Froggie Five-0, she said.

“I’ve had girls refuse rides or argue with me about whether or not I can keep them safe,” Pollock said. “Or [they] insist that I call a male driver, in which case I’ve usually told them no because that’s silly.”

TCU Police Sgt. Alvin Allcon said any student can apply for a position at Froggie Five-0.

“It’s not something that has any way, shape or form, any kind of stipulation to exclude females,” Allcon said.

Although safety is the main concern for Froggie Five-0, student drivers are not advised to take action against any potential attacker, Allcon said.

“Obviously if something were to occur, we would hope they would involve the police rather than the [Froggie] Five-0,” he said.

Morgan Halboth, a freshman political science major, said she was surprised when a female Froggie Five-0 driver picked her up, but was not against it.

“It was a little awkward and unusual because you’re normally supposed to have a male there,” Halboth said. “But she was fine, she drove me from point A to point B.”

Halboth said she thought female drivers did not make Froggie Five-0 any less safe. When it comes down to it, males and females can both drive a golf cart, she said.

Pollock said just the presence of an escort, male or female, in a golf cart has been enough to keep students safe.

“Most of our escorts are to the library and back, or to and from the parking lots,” Pollock said. “So it really doesn’t matter who’s there as long as there is a service moving you.”

According to Froggie Five-0’s website, the service began in 1996 and now escorts over 3,100 students each month.

Pollock said she was the only female driver when she first started working for Froggie Five-0 almost two years ago, and was also the first female Froggie Five-0 supervisor. She said women have been able to apply for any position in Froggie Five-0 and has encouraged more to do so.

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