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TCU senior advances in competition to become Charlie Sheen’s intern

TCU senior advances in competition to become Charlie Sheens intern

From the 81,000 people that initially applied to be Charlie Sheen’s intern, TCU senior Mike Vosters has advanced to the competition’s third round with 250 remaining candidates.

Vosters, a marketing major, entered the competition through Twitter in March to become Sheen’s summer intern. The winner will work with Sheen and his social media campaigns in Los Angeles for eight weeks, Vosters said.

Vosters entered the contest at the suggestion of his friends, he said.

Although the duties of what the intern would do for Sheen are still vague, Vosters said he is sure he will be able to contribute a few things to Sheen’s career.

“I could bring success, and I think there will be a lot of winning,” Vosters said.

The competition was split into rounds, with each one becoming progressively more difficult, he said. Round one consisted of sending in a tweet-length statement explaining why he should be Sheen’s intern. In the second round, Vosters was required to send in a résumé, he said.

“Every round gets a little more serious and a little more cutthroat,” Vosters said.

The third round asked how the candidate would raise money for natural disaster relief, he said. Instead of only making a hypothetical plan to raise money for Japan, he set up a PayPal account and began collecting funds. Within 48 hours, he raised almost $650 for Japanese tsunami relief, he said.

“I was actually able to present results, rather than just ideas for how to raise money,” Vosters said.

The next round is still unclear, he said, and he is waiting to hear what the next round will consist of.

Senior marketing major Brittany Walker, a friend of Vosters, said she believed Vosters’ prior experience will give him the edge he needs in the competition.

“He has a lot of social media experience, he’s very outgoing, and he gets along with a lot of people,” Walker said. “I think if anyone could go to L.A. and do social media for a celebrity, it could be [Vosters].”

Vosters said he worked as a part of “Team Tim,” a group of students who helped promote alumnus Tim Halperin in his American Idol campaign. He said he also worked with Red Bull and an ad agency in New York.


“He’s constantly promoting himself and all the places that he’s done business for,” Walker said,

Vosters does not only have the experience, but he also has the dedication needed for this opportunity, she said.

“He just puts his heart into everything he does,” she said.

Stacy Grau, associate professor of professional practice in marketing, has taught Vosters and has worked with him in the Neeley Scholars program. Grau said she believed Vosters will also bring tenacity to the competition.

“He’s really entrepreneurial and definitely sees the big picture, so I think that those are huge advantages for him,” Grau said.

The competition will provide Vosters with exposure and an interesting story that will help him stand out when applying to other jobs, Grau said. The competition will also serve as a learning experience even if he does not win, she said.

Through this competition, Vosters said he has appreciated the support that people have provided.

“The support of the TCU community in general has been huge,” he said. “There is no better feeling…[than] to know that the people around me actually really care and are there for me.”

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