Mayoral Q&A: Betsy Price


Q: Mayor Moncrief has had a very close relationship with TCU while in office, implementing things like “Purple Fridays” and the “Go Frogs” sign painted on Trinity River. How would you continue this relationship with TCU, if at all?

A: I think it is very important to continue it, and grow it. As I was telling you earlier we’ve spent 32 years now, living on the back of the campus we’ve lived right behind the stadium and the track there, and we’ve watched the campus grow. TCU is one of the biggest jewels for Fort Worth, it’s a huge campus and when we dyed the river purple, I think it was two years ago, I was chairmen of Streams and Valleys, and we really encouraged that dyeing. I think we just have to continue working with Dr. Boschini and all the staff at TCU because it is one of the crowned jewels and Fort Worth’s treasure.

Q: Why should TCU students vote for you?

A: TCU students should vote for me because I am a fiscal conservative, the city, I am, if nothing else you want to say you need a major cheerleader for the city as a college student. I’ll be a great promoter help bring more jobs, more economic development. I have a proven track record of efficiencies, and the city needs a fresh set of eyes. We don’t need someone who has already been there, working on it who has been part of the problem; we need somebody who is part of the solution.

Q: The city has attempted to improve the Berry Street area by adding more businesses. What are your feelings on this project?

A: I think it’s a great initiative. I was part of the original work when I was the part of president of Paschal’s PTA. It’s probably been 10 years ago, as you know Paschal is at the end of Berry Street’s campus here, TCU’s campus. We worked very hard on [the Berry Street Initiative]. We worked on the beautification of the campus down there because it is a great segway into the university and into the zoological area, and then headed down into the cultural district. We have to keep that Berry Street corridor strong.

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