West Berry Block Party to contribute to tsunami relief effort

Young adults from the Fort Worth area have collaborated with local musicians and businesses to host the inaugural West Berry Block Party Music and Arts Festival.

The festival will be held from 1 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday, April 16, 2011.

The majority of ticket sale proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief International, an organization that benefits tsunami victims. The rest of the funds will help equalize some of the costs of hosting the event.

West Berry Block Party will be open to anyone over the age of 18. Full day passes are $20, but can be purchased for $25 on the day of the festival.

Behind the Idea

Ted Wick, a junior at Texas Christian University, came up with the idea for the festival in January while out on his balcony that faces Berry Street.

“I was thinking it would be really cool to bring together local businesses and bands and put on a huge one-day music festival right in the heart of the Fort Worth community,” Wick said. “I’m excited to bring a music festival like this to the area so people can really experience the Fort Worth culture and different genres of music this area has to offer.”

Wick said he has received much help with planning the festival. Contributors to the preparation of the event include friends Travis Hildenbrand, Bryan Lee, Riley Knight and Kevin Benson. He also noted that he has received additional support from John Campbell and Erin Sweeney, who are associated with Stay Wired Coffeehouse.

The organizing team contacted several venues, including Stay Wired, The Moon, The Aardvark, The Cellar and Old Rip’s. Wick said that the main stage would be at Old Rip’s.

“Ever since we started working on creating the festival we have gotten nothing but positive feedback and people wanting to help us out,” Wick said. “We are looking forward to the event and the possibility to bring the community together.”

Wick said his vision for the festival was a day of music where locals could come together to enjoy and experience Fort Worth culture.

Current Line Up

Green River Ordinace • Spoonfed Tribe • Nelo • Collective Dreams• Dj BrD & [email protected]• Deer Vibes •Mobley • Verisimilitude • The Gentlemen Swank •The Way the World Ends • Tump • The Aurelius • G Productions• Melissa Ludwig • The Cleanup • Telegraph Canyon• Fou • Hanna Barbarians • KatsüK • Night Gallery • Timmy Dixon• Joey Gorman• The Road-O’s• Kickback• Whiskey Folk Ramblers• Jake Paleschic• Sound of Sulfur• Jake Paleschic• Joey Gorman• Riversyde• BEX & Big Eddy• Cityview• Nick Choate • The Pajammas• Secret Ghost Champion • Joshua Stallings • Alien Brew • Park• Condor the DJ• 3 Dollar Crunch• Brandon Thomas• Quaker City Nighthawks• The Organic Think Machines • DJ Spade • Sound Sitch• MillsandCo


More information on the festival is available at www.westberryblockparty.com.