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Love starts at TCU for two Horned Frog couples


After graduating from TCU, there are different experiences graduates embrace. For two Horned Frog couples, love that started at TCU soon will turn into marriage.

Senior sociology major Kristin Cazalot said she met her fiancé Travis Galbraith, a senior political science and economics double major, when she first started at TCU.

“We met in an 8 a.m. history class first semester of our freshman year, the very first class ever at TCU,” Cazalot said. “We didn’t actually know each other’s names at first, but it began when we talked in that history class a little.”

Cazalot said both she and Galbraith were in another class together in their second semester and also had mutual friends. She said they started seeing each other more often and going to Billy Bob’s with each other until they began dating in April of their freshman year.

Galbraith said everything would have been completely different if they had not gone to TCU.

“I think it made it a lot easier to get to know her,” Galbraith said. “And after all, we would not have met if we both didn’t go to TCU.”

Cazalot said Galbraith proposed to her last year. She said that throughout their time at TCU, there were several amazing memories they shared as a couple.

“I was a Showgirl, so after every football game we would get to take pictures together,” Cazalot said. “The Rose Bowl was also really fun. He is from [Los Angeles], so I got to meet all of his friends, and they got to come to the big pep rally…We really do have a lot of amazing memories at TCU.”

Cazalot and Galbraith said they both were excited to get married on May 21. Cazalot said the timing was crazy but still perfect.

“I am excited to see where we go and where we end up and to just share our lives together,” Galbraith said.

The couple plans to move to Baton Rouge right after their honeymoon. Galbraith will attend law school, and Cazalot recently got a job. Cazalot said both she and Galbraith were extremely TCU spirited and were excited to stay involved with the university community.

“We are already planning on going to the BYU game at Cowboys Stadium,” Cazalot said. “And we want to come to all the football games that we can. We definitely want to come back.”

Senior social work major Catelyn Gray also said she couldn’t wait to go back to TCU with her fiancé Luke Devlin, a 2009 TCU graduate who earned his degree in religion.

Gray said she met Devlin right away when she was a freshman at TCU. Devlin was a junior and at the time said he would not date a freshman, Gray said.

“We started dating in June after my freshman year because Luke had a rule that he never dated freshmen, that freshmen shouldn’t date,” Gray said. “But I had a crush on him. We were good friends that year until we officially became a couple.”

Devlin said it was awesome to be able to share time with Gray for the two years they were at TCU together.

“Being together at TCU was so great,” Devlin said. “You go through a lot in college, and it was great to share it with her. We had a lot of fun times wandering around campus and doing things like having picnics on the dorm lawns. It really slowed life down and showed me all the little things TCU had to offer.”

Gray also said she loved that they were able to share their TCU college experience with one another.

“He would come over to the dorm I lived in, and we would do homework together and hang out with all of our TCU friends,” Gray said. “It was awesome having a best fried and also a boyfriend while at TCU.”

Gray said because Luke has graduated and is working in Dallas that she was excited to get to see him on a daily basis again after the couple gets married on May 22. She said they planned on keeping the Horned Frog pride alive through the rest of their lives.

“Our house is going to be totally TCU decked out. And we are going to go to as many games as we can, and we will be a huge TCU family. We will always support our school,” Gray said.

Devlin said he couldn’t wait to get married and to begin a new phase of his life with Gray.

“We are so excited to make each other’s lives better by always being together,” Devlin said.

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