TCU Police investigating second sexual assault incident on campus

TCU Police, already investigating a sexual assault reported last week, notified students Monday night of another attempt on a student.

Sgt. Kelly Ham said in a campus-wide alert that a known acquaintance had attempted to sexually assault a student who resisted the assault. Ham said the suspect had been identified. TCU Police Chief Steven McGee said the suspect has been banned from campus and would be arrested if the suspect returns.  Earlier Monday TCU Police said the investigation of a sexual assault on a female student reported on Aug. 18 is ongoing but that no arrests have been made. A female student told police she had been  sexually assaulted at a campus residence hall.

Sgt. Ham declined to comment on whether there was a suspect in the case. He declined to comment if the student has decided to press charges. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Fort Worth police said the woman did not intend to press charges. Sgt. Ham would not disclose the location of the assault or include the students’ class rank.

“I hope by putting out the Crime Alert people are made aware of what the law and a sexual assault is,” Ham said. 

Ham also stressed that “no” means “no” and an intoxicated person cannot give consent. However, he would not say whether that was the situation in this case. TCU had safety resources for students who  did not feel comfortable walking back to their dorm at night, Sgt. Ham said. If a student felt endangered they could call the TCU Police Department and ask for Froggie Five-O to come pick them up.

Froggie Five-O was an escort service provided to students in order to help them  feel safe on campus, he said. Ham said if it’s after Froggie Five-O hours the TCU Police department will escort students.

There are also classes that students can take to learn how to defend themselves from a potential assault. Rape Aggression Defense was a class taught by Pam Christian, a Crime Prevention Officer at TCU, that helps show students how to properly defend themselves from a potential aggressor. Christian said she gave tips students could use to help avoid a situation that could lead to a sexual assault.

Christian said she wanted to make students aware that alcohol is the No. 1 date rape drug in America.

“Drug facilitated assaults are on the rise, so you don’t want to leave your drinks unattended  while you’re talking or dancing,” Christian said.

She advised that if a drink tastes different or if it is suspected something has been placed in their drink, then students get a new one regardless of whether or not the drink contained alcohol. For those students that wanted to get involved with the RAD classes, Christian said she will send out an e-mail with the next scheduled class.

RAD and Froggie Five-O were resources that students could use to help them feel safe while on campus. There are also Emergency Response Stations all around campus where students can directly call the police station in case of an emergency.