TCU football’s record-breaking number of season ticket sales approaching 21,000

Five TCU football players were taken in April’s NFL draft, and several more signed with teams as free agents. But while many new faces will be on the gridiron this season, even more new faces will be in the bleachers at Amon G. Carter Stadium.  TCU’s record-breaking number of season ticket sales is approaching 21,000.

TCU Athletic Media Relations Director, Mark Cohen said season tickets sales have steadily been on the rise ever since the team became successful. The team’s Rose Bowl victory in January is just one of many reasons why season ticket sales have increased, Cohen said.

“While I think [the Rose Bowl] was a contributing factor, I don’t think it’s just traced back to the Rose Bowl,” Cohen said. “I think the Rose Bowl provided an extra spark.”

The new renovations to Amon G. Carter Stadium are also a big reason why fans are snatching up season tickets at an unprecedented pace, Cohen said. Some may think the renovations could be a drawback because they will not be finished this season, but Cohen said it actually gives fans more incentive to buy and renew season ticket plans. Buying season tickets this year gives season ticket holders priority to season tickets next year.

Cohen said next year, with a brand new stadium, a more seasoned team, a home slate of Big East Conference opponents and a reduced capacity, the demand for tickets will be higher.
“It’s just a one-year process,” Cohen said. “What’s going to be tougher is not having a ticket with the reduced capacity.”

Cohen said the draw of having one of the best, most successful programs in a football-crazed state like Texas has TCU receiving season ticket sales from all over the state.
“It’s incredible family entertainment,” Cohen said.