Tori Hale’s extensive athletic history led her to TCU soccer

Tori Hale, cousin of TCU defensive tackle D.J. Yendrey, is one of five new soccer players on the 2011 TCU roster.

Hale’s extensive athletic history explains her path to the Garvey-Rosenthal Soccer Stadium.

Her love of soccer began at the early age of 4, instilled by parents who coached Hale and her two older brothers.

At Abilene High School Hale earned the role of captain on her volleyball, track and cross country teams.

Hale also played soccer around the clock as she managed to play for both her high school team and the Abilene Soccer Club team.

“I always declared soccer as my favorite sport,” said Hale. “Everything I did revolved around making me better at soccer.”

Two-time soccer team captain at Abilene, Hale earned forward MVP her junior year and all-around co-MVP her senior year of high school.

The college transition is a nice change for Hale and she admits that it is different being treated like an adult, especially on a team.

“I really like it so far; it’s been a good experience,” said Hale. “I’ve had fun and made a lot of friends.”

As far as juggling the transition to college and playing for a Division I soccer team, Hale is used to the work load.

“It is a lot, but I did a lot of work unnecessarily in high school, so I can handle it,” Hale said.

On the field, Hale believes that she has an advantage against competitors because she is a great runner and the pace of the game requires just that.

“[Soccer] is so athletic all around; it is good to be able to jump, run and be strong because everything is incorporated in the game,” Hale said.

Hale was unsure of what her role would be coming in as a freshman on the team.

When she first got to TCU she played outside back but was happy to start playing forward, the position that she has played for years.

Yendrey did not have an influence on Hale’s decision to attend TCU, but she believes it is a nice coincidence.

The cousins live approximately seven hours apart, only visiting each other twice a year. This will allow their families to attend sporting events and be able to see one another.

“As far as expectations go, I hope she does well and makes an impact on the field,” said Yendrey. “I’m glad she’s here and doing so well.”

Hale said she does not feel any outside pressure but she does put pressure on herself.

“I have a lot of expectations for myself, and my parents are going to support me no matter what,” Hale said.

One of the team’s goals includes winning the Mountain West, and Hale plans on helping make that happen.

“I would like to help us do that,” said Hale. “They only brought in a few [freshmen], so if the team is going to turn around, it’s going to have to be because of the change they just brought in.”

Hale said that her strength on the field is her stamina and ability to stay in with a limited amount of subs.

The team lost to Rice Friday night, a game that dropped their record to 1-2.

The Horned Frogs will take on Texas State Friday night in San Marcos at 7 p.m.