Fort Worth-based band to play tonight

Members of Fort Worth-based band Calhoun play tonight at The Moon Bar.

Formed in 2004, Calhoun teamed up with producer Stuart Sikes, who has worked with The White Stripes and Cat Power. For the band’s latest album “Heavy Sugar,” Calhoun worked with producer James Barber, who has collaborated  with musician Ryan Adams.

“Heavy Sugar” was released in May and won a Rock Album of the Year Award for 2011 from Fort Worth Weekly. Calhoun’s Tim Locke and Jordan Roberts also received a Songwriters of the Year Award for 2011 from the Fort Worth magazine.

Located at 2911 West Berry Street in Fort Worth, The Moon Bar will feature the Tennessee-based band Milktooth as its headliner with Calhoun lead singer Tim Locke and guitarist Jordan Roberts opening with a special acoustic set.

“We’re going to play our acoustic set, and then do some songs we don’t normally ever get to do live because they just don’t work as a full band,” Roberts said.

Locke and Roberts will be performing acoustic songs off their latest album “Heavy Sugar” along with some older songs that Roberts said have never performed live.

“I imagine half the set will be songs off ‘Heavy Sugar,’” Roberts said. “We have a song off our last album called “Falter Waver Cultivate” called “Hunting,” and it’s one of Tim and mine’s favorite songs, and we just never get to play it because it’s a slower song and can kind of kill a set. But in an acoustic set, it just works better.”

Roberts also said they will be performing a cover of The Smiths’ song “Ask.”

“We played a benefit at Lola’s [Saloon] for this guy Lance Yocom, who runs a company called Spune,” Roberts said. “Tim and I, we love that song, and we’d been talking about it. We decided we should cover that song, so we played it last time, and it was fun. I think it probably got the best response of all the songs we played. But it’s a Smiths’ song. How could it not?”

Roberts said the show at The Moon Bar is hopefully going to be the setting for an after party for Fort Worth Weekly’s First Friday on the Green Festival in Magnolia GreenPark, featuring The Burning Hotels and The Hanna Barbarians.

“That’s usually an early thing, so it’ll be over right around 10,” Roberts said. “So we’re kind of pushing this thing as the unofficial First Friday after party. If everyone comes out and wants to hang out at The Moon afterwards, it should be a pretty good crowd. ”