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360 degrees with TCU punter Anson Kelton

You are on College Football Performance Awards Punter of the Year watch list. What does being on that list mean to you?

Going into my last season I think it’s something that I am happy to be on. I know it’s for the top punter in college football and being on that list, I think, puts me in good company. I’m excited about it.

Last year was a special year for TCU, going undefeated and winning the Rose Bowl. What can happen this year to improve your career?

For improving my career, I might have an opportunity to punt longer. Our offense was so potent the last couple of years. We would get real close to the scoring end zone and we’d have to punt and that knocks down the average but it also boosts inside the twenty. I think if anything could boost my career, it would be longer punts.

What’s it like playing for a coach like Gary Patterson?

It’s fun. I have a lot of friends that play at different colleges ask what he’s like. They ask if what they see on TV is what it’s like. They all have different perceptions of him. Bottom line is: he wins. He knows his stuff and I think that’s something. It’s grateful to be able to play under him.
What is a typical practice like for you?

As kickers, punters and snappers, we go out there probably an hour or so before practice to warmup and go through our routine. During practice, I only have a five minute period that I have to perform well and Coach P approves of what I’m doing. Other than that we’re just sitting and cheering, watching the rest of practice.

Do you feel pressure during high profile games?

The higher profile games I tend to have done better in. I don’t let the pressure get to me. I feel I have more pressure in practice than I do in the game. We’ve got people right behind us screaming in our ear and that’s more high-strung than a game would be.

What effect do you think the closed-off south end zone will have on the kicking game?

That helps knock off a lot of wind. Sometimes bowls like that can create a swirl but I don’t think it will have a big effect.

How did you end up being a punter? Did you play other positions in high school?

In high school I played defensive end and tight end, as well. Punting is something that always came natural. I picked it up my freshman or sophomore year of high school and I really perfected it going into my senior year. I started getting offers from different schools to punt and I think ultimately it ended up being the best decision for me. I’m healthy so far and haven’t had any problems so I think that’s been the best choice.

What legacy do you want to leave at TCU?

I already got the largest punter. (Cracks a smile). Just being able to perform in the big games, especially when our team needs it. Over the past several years, in bowl games, I’ve been able to do that. That’s something I hope to leave. 

What are your post-graduation plans?

The ultimate thing for any person playing football is trying to get to the next level. I think if I have a good senior year I’ve got a decent shot at pursuing those goals. If not, just be a fishing guide.

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