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FWPD officer and horse are on patrol


Members of the Fort Worth Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit are on campus this week in preparation for Saturday’s football game.

Officer Shelby Meza of the Mounted Patrol Unit and her horse, Rooster, made a loop around campus Tuesday. Being on horseback will give the officers higher visibility, Meza said. It had been some time since a mounted officer had been on the TCU campus, she said.

“Campus is very busy, and we like to work hand-in-hand with the TCU Police Department,” Meza said.

TCU Assistant Chief of Police J.C. Williams said the TCU Police Department enjoys working with all aspects of the Fort Worth Police Department.

“We’ve had all different parts of the police department over the years,” Williams said. “It’s been great with TCU being located in the city to be able to have those kind of resources and to be able to work together.”

Meza said she has had very good cooperation with the TCU Police Department in the past.

“This wasn’t a specific request from the TCU Police Department or anyone else,” Williams said. “The police department will have different officers in different parts of the city to have visibility of the city at random times.”

Williams said the changes in officers’ patrol paths could be to help impact specific crimes or to move resources around.

“Someone who might be involved in criminal activity may never know who may be around or watching,” Williams said.

Meza said that she would be at the game against the University of Lousiana at Monroe to let students and visitors know she was there to assist them in any way, and added that students or fans were welcome to approach her and her horse.

Although Meza had visited TCU’s campus before, this was the first time she had been able to bring her horse along, she said.

“This is Rooster’s first time [here at TCU],” Meza said. “He really enjoyed the tennis courts.”

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