More than 5,000 attended The Fray concert

The Fray’s live performance in the Campus Commons last Friday left a lasting impression on TCU students.

Sophomore Crystal Saltiel said she really felt connected to the band members during the performance.

“I thought it was better than Lady A[Antebellum,]  the guys seem really real and really into the music that they write,” Saltiel said.

The crowd was bigger than expected with over 5,000 in attendance. First year student Marcelino Hernandez said he was impressed that TCU put on such a big production.

“This is my first concert actually… I know two songs which is like their two popular songs… ‘You Found Me’ and ‘How to save a life,’” Hernandez said.

In previous semesters, TCU has invited more country artists to perform on campus, but students like sophomore Michael Wansing  say they are pleased with the alternative rock genre chosen for this year’s concert.

“It’s a pretty a cool band, I didn’t expect us to get someone like The Fray…I really liked it,” Wansing said.

Freshman Helen Colina was also pleased with TCU’s band choice.

“I’m honestly not a big fan of country so this is great,” Colina said.

Junior Allie Payne said although she’s not as familiar with the band, she was still looking forward to a great show.

“It’s cool that we have a free concert here on campus and I’ll probably recognize a lot of the songs from the radio,” Payne said.

After being cheered back on stage by the crowd, the band capped off the night with an encore performance of “Vienna”  and a Bruce Springsteen cover.