‘Fate Lions’ to play at Moon Bar

Members of the Fort Worth-based band Fate Lions will play at The Moon Bar on Friday, Sept. 23.

Jason Manriquez, the frontman, guitarist and song-writer of Fate Lions said this will be the band’s 14th appearance at The Moon.

“We try to play there three or four times a year; we love it,” Manriquez said.

Manriquez said the band’s live shows are energetic, and sometimes unpredictable.

“Occasionally, I’ll wear a dress on stage,” he said.

Fate Lions also plays at least one cover during each show, Manriquez said. The band covers songs from a variety of artists, including selections from the “Valley Girl” film soundtrack.

Drew Gabbert, guitarist and song-writer, said the band strives to make each show different.

“We love to improvise on stage,” he said.

Manriquez described the band’s sound as “a towering inferno of melodram-pop;” a term he coined.

“It’s kind of like power-pop, with strong melodies,” he said.

Manriquez said he loved music growing up. He knew he wanted to be in a band when he heard the music of Barry Manilow and The Carpenters at the age of two.

“I grew up listening to the radio when music on the radio was still good, and when MTV actually played music,” he said.

Manriquez said he first started writing songs commuting to and from work. He said his car had no radio which made the trips tedious. He began humming and singing the music that came into his head during the drives.

“I bought a guitar and started workshopping ideas in cafés whenever I had time,” Manriquez said.

Manriquez said he founded Fate Lions in 2007, and is the only remaining member of the band’s original line-up.

Gabbert joined the band in November of 2009, he said, and originally played keyboards. He said being in Fate Lions was a great experience, and members of the band get along very well.

“It’s a blast. We’re always smiling,” he said.

Gabbert said the Fate Lions’ sound was influenced by several artists, including the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty.  However, both Gabbert and Manriquez said The Smiths, an English alternative rock band, was the band’s major influence.

“We love what Johnny Marr does with the guitar,” Manriquez said.

Though the band’s influences are diverse, Manriquez said Fate Lions’ sound was unmistakably Texan.

“We’re all from Texas, and we sound like it,” he said.

The band plans to release a 7” vinyl single this month, featuring three songs, Manriquez said. The single will be released by Treefallsounds, a Plano, Texas-based record label.

“Hopefully they’ll be ready to sell out at the show on the 23rd,” he said.

Artists Glen Farris and Joey Kendall are also scheduled to play at The Moon Bar on Sept. 23.

Patrons can expect a lively performance, with a few surprises thrown in.