TCU Bookstore offers discounts after football win

After the 55-13 win against Portland State, the TCU Bookstore once again offered a sale on all items Monday.

After a Horned Frog victory, the bookstore will discount student purchases by a percentage, to reflect the amount of points by which the game was won.

TCU Barnes & Noble store manager Lisa Lewis said Monday’s discounts have been a tradition for over 22 years and is usually the busiest day for the bookstore.

“I just think that it’s important that we all share in the excitement after we have a win,” Lewis said.

Lewis said there were a lot of years when TCU did not win and decided to start the Monday sales after that. However, no matter how high the win, the percentage starts off at 10 percent and never goes over 25 percent.

Percentages stay within those ranges because those are considered reasonable prices, she said. Lewis said she is unsure if other schools participate in a similar sale after a victory, but the tradition is a staple for the TCU community.

“I’m sure other schools do it, too, and no idea is unique, but this has definitely been a TCU tradition for the past 22 years,” Lewis said.

Although TCU won against Portland State by 42 points Saturday, students would receive the maximum of 25 percent off. Lewis said the percentage off does not increase revenue but it does increase  store traffic. She said it gives students something to look forward to on Mondays. Lewis said she felt most students took full advantage of the sales each week.

Elliott Mulkin, a junior strategic communication major, said he agreed with Lewis on students using the weekly sales. He said he had been taking advantage of the discounts since his first year at the university.

“Anytime I think the percentage is really high, I usually go over there after the game on Mondays,” Mulkin said.

Curtizia Alexander, a sophomore kinesiology major, took a different stance on the Monday sales.

“I bought some sweats and a shirt last year but haven’t gotten a chance to make it to the bookstore this season,” Alexander said.

She said the most she had ever spent was $60 during the Monday sales, but she would shop more often if percentages would reflect the actual amount of points of which each game is won.

“I would definitely go more often if the discount was greater, but I usually don’t go to the store unless I’m getting school supplies,” Alexander said.

Mulkin said he thought the sales were a great deal and were a way to get everyone within the TCU community involved.