Student body presidents encourage good sportsmanship

September 28, 2011

SMU & TCU Student Bodies:

Whether cheering for the Purple and White of TCU or the Red and Blue of SMU, this upcoming weekend will provide great excitement for all.

The TCU vs. SMU football game has always been a long-standing cornerstone of the football schedule for both universities. Historically speaking, the “Battle for the Iron Skillet” started in 1915 and has been played 89 times since then. Great rivalries always require competitive games, which TCU and SMU traditionally deliver. Since TCU barely leads the series in wins (43 to 39 – with 7 ties) everyone knows this year’s game will be an incredible one.

Graduating from either TCU or SMU is no longer something to be taken lightly, but rather an incredible honor. As our universities continue climbing the national rankings, be reminded how privileged we are to attend either university. SMU students, as you travel to Fort Worth, and TCU students as you host and welcome SMU students, please continue to uphold the values of both universities.

Neither university wants to see conflict nor misconduct effect this upcoming beautiful Saturday afternoon. Students, please allow our marching bands, cheer squads, and football teams to battle on the field with an unbridled spirit. We, however, do not need to replicate this battle in either the pregame festivities around tailgating or the student section inside the stadium. Respect one another and the day will go smoothly.

As you throw up the Horned Frog for TCU or Pony Up on behalf of the Mustangs, enjoy the upcoming weekend. Represent your school well, and we will see who gets to take home the Iron Skillet in the end.

Pony Up!
Austin Prentice
SMU Student Body President

Go Frogs!
Jackie Wheeler
TCU Student Body President