TCU alumnus Dan Jenkins comments on Patterson’s rant

Gary Patterson’s recent comments toward SMU and Head Coach June Jones may have heightened the rivalry between the two crosstown schools. But is the current tension between the schools something new?

Well, who better to ask than TCU alumni and best-selling author Dan Jenkins?

Jenkins graduated from TCU in 1953 and has since contributed to several publications and served as a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, along with publishing a countless number of books and novels. A Fort Worth native, Jenkins grew up watching the Dutch Meyer teams of the 1930s and 40s and has followed the team, as well their rivalry with SMU, for over half a century.

Jenkins said Patterson’s Tuesday rant against Jones and the Mustangs was just another example of the banter that’s been going on for a while between the two schools. And that banter is a good thing, Jenkins said.

“It’s just another chapter in a long rivalry between schools and cities,” Jenkins said. “I think it’s great fun.”

The rivalry between the two cities — Dallas and Fort Worth — is something Jenkins said has always existed. So, it did not surprise him Patterson expressed a little discontent toward SMU yesterday.

“I’m sure I’m not the only Frog who has had — and have — great friends that went to SMU,” Jenkins said. “But I wouldn’t trade our downtown and our campus and our Tex-Mex and barbecue for all of Dallas County. I’ve been peddling this slogan for years: If you want to see Atlanta, come to Dallas — If you want to see Texas, come to Fort Worth.”

But not only did Patterson cause tension with his remarks toward SMU, he also sparked some controversy with his harsh criticism of Saturday’s officiating crew.

“I mean, I can go down the list of things,” Patterson said Tuesday. “It was a poorly officiated ballgame.”

Jenkins thought the same thing.

“I do agree with Gary about the zebras,” Jenkins said. “They were pitiful in our game. Either incompetent or criminal or both.”