TCU Alumnus Dan Jenkins: Big 12 means back with old friends and rivals

TCU Alumnus Dan Jenkins: Big 12 means back with old friends and rivals

TCU alumnus and retired sportswriter Dan Jenkins is excited about TCU’s invitation to the Big 12. Jenkins commented on the Big 12’s offer in an e-mail. The conference voted unanimously Thursday to ask TCU to join. TCU previously accepted an invite to the Big East and might have to pay a buyout fee of $5 million if they leave.

On the Big East:
“I was hoping the Big East thing would work out. I think we could have dominated that league in football, and the exposure to that part of the country would have been great. But it fell apart and we had to look elsewhere.”

On the benefits of moving to the Big 12:
“Going to the Big 12 is, therefore, terrific. Back with old friends and rivals. Easier travel for our fans and students. It's going to be tougher to win in all sports, but it will be easier to recruit, particularly in football. Now we'll be on an equal footing with Texas and OU. We could always have held our own with the others.”

On money and media platforms the Big 12 conference could bring:
“And there are other benefits, not the least of which is money. There'll be more of it coming our way in football. Finally, we will be positioned for whatever happens in the way of "superconferences" in the future that TV will dictate for us.”

His hope for the future of the Horned Frogs is clear. He wants what is best for the school.

“We've been wandering vagrants for 15 years, and now we're back on the society pages. What's not to like?”