Calhoun plans for their last Fort Worth show to be the best yet

For their last show in Fort Worth this year, members of the band Calhoun said they planned to create the best experience possible for their fans.

“We want to play as loose and fun as possible,” Jordan Roberts, Calhoun’s guitar and synthesizer player, said.

Calhoun’s sound could be described as a blend of Indie rock, folk and pop, Roberts said. The music has often been compared to that of Wilco and The Smiths, with just a hint of country.

“It’s more like Hank Williams country than Trace Adkins country,” Roberts said. “Most of us are from Texas, so it’s kind of hard to escape that influence.”

The five-piece band came together in 2004 when Tim Locke, guitarist and singer for Calhoun, said he invited his friends to collaborate on an album he was recording. Since then, the band released three more albums and toured both the United States and the U.K.

Roberts said he had fond memories of the band’s tours at home and overseas.

“There were really good times on tour,” Roberts said. “It was great seeing more of our country and the U.K.”

Locke said fans could look forward to an energetic performance by the band. Because the show is the band’s last performance in Fort Worth this year,  it plans to put its best foot forward for its fans.

“All our shows are special,” Locke said. “But since it’s our last show of the year, we want to focus on playing very well.”

Locke said the band would begin writing and recording its new album next spring. In the meantime, he and Roberts were trying something a little different.

“We’re working on Christmas songs,” Locke said. “99 percent of them are failures. Just awful. It’s a real challenge.”

Roberts said he shared Locke’s frustration. It is difficult to write a Christmas song that is not cheesy or cliché.

“We don’t want to sing about tinsel or ornaments,” Roberts said. “The best Christmas songs are about loneliness, so we want to write something like ‘White Christmas.”

Calhoun Members:
Tim Locke – Vocals, Guitar
Jordan Roberts – Synth, Harmonium, Guitar
Toby Pipes – Synth, Keys, Backing Vox
Josh Hoover – Drums
Nolan Thies – Bass
Also featured: The O’s, Apache 5

When: Friday, Nov. 18 at 10 p.m.
Where: Lola’s Fort Worth
2736 West 6th St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76107-2209
Cost: $8 for over 21
$10 for under 21