Frogs beat Rams, seniors set winning record

Aside from getting a win, TCU head coach Gary Patterson did not take many positives away from the Frogs’ 34-10 victory over Colorado State Saturday.

The defense could have played better. The offense could have shown more energy. The overall focus of the team could’ve been heightened.

All those were among Patterson’s post-game grievances.

But the veteran coach was at least pleased by one thing Saturday evening: The TCU seniors reached a milestone.

The Frogs’ win Saturday was the senior class’s 45th, breaking a record previously held by last year’s graduating class led by Andy Dalton.

Patterson said the achievement was well-earned but emphasized it might have been Saturday’s lone bright spot.

“The seniors deserve it. They became the all-time winningest class in history,” Patterson said. “Outside that, we’ll practice tomorrow. I’ll tell you that.”

Senior linebacker Tank Carder pointed to the tradition of TCU as a program, and said it was an honor to be part of the class that broke the all-time win record.

“The teams that have come through here, and the legacy that people have left, and just being a part of something like that for so many years that it’s been around,” said Carder, whose 69-yard interception return for a touchdown fueled the Frogs to Saturday’s win. “You start thinking about all of that stuff when you’re part of the senior class that broke the all-time winningest record. You take a lot of pride in that.

Frogs not thinking about BCS berth

While TCU’s chances of making a BCS bowl are slim, they are indeed there.

The Frogs’ reaction to having a chance at their third straight BCS berth? Well, not much of one. In fact, they’re hardly even thinking about it.

“I had no idea until someone told me this week that we were even in the talk,” offensive guard Blaize Foltz said. “My mindset was win the conference championship, win our bowl game and win 11 games for the seniors.”

Defensive end Ross Forrest said the Frogs can’t worry about where they may or may not end up after the regular season. At this point, Forrest said, it’s entirely out of their hands.

“We have no control over the BCS,” Forrest said. “So there’s no reason in getting caught up in it or worrying about it because it’ll take care of itself as long as we take care of our business.”

Carder said the team doesn’t even discuss the possibility of making it back to the BCS. Ever since the loss to SMU, they’ve only been focused on winning.

“After [the SMU loss] it was kind of out the window,” Carder said. “But as a team, we don’t really even talk about [going to the BCS]. It’s definitely in the back of our head because of TV and everything, but we just try to look to the next game. We just try to control what we can control. That’s all politics.”


The truth behind the tweet

After TCU’s 36-35 win over Boise State last Saturday, Carder tweeted the following:

“We didn’t shock the world. We just reminded them.”

The linebacker’s tweet went viral, was retweeted by more than 100 people and instantly became the defining phrase to describe the Frogs’ win over the Broncos .

So, who came up with TCU’s unofficial post-game motto? An original work by Carder, right?

Actually, fellow senior linebacker Kris Gardner coined the phrase in the Bronco Stadium locker room after the game. Carder said when he heard it, he just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tweet it to his followers.

“After the game, [Gardner] had said it, and I was like ‘I’m tweeting that,’” Carder said. “He’s got his props. I’ll give him a shoutout.”