Video: Patterson unhappy with Ross Evans, unsure if he’ll play Saturday

Head football coach Gary Patterson said he was unsure if kicker Ross Evans would play Saturday against the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Evans turned himself in on allegations of criminal trespassing of a habitation after he kicked in a door at a Denton apartment complex.

Patterson said Evans, who has yet to receive a trial date, will be on the field Saturday, but he has not decided whether the senior will play.

“He’ll be on the sidelines. I haven’t decided if he’ll kick at all,” Patterson said Tuesday at his weekly press conference. “I’ll tell you this much. He’s going to apologize to this group because he decided to do that. He put all of us in that boat.”

Patterson also said Evans will rejoin team activities Tuesday after serving a suspension since turning himself in to police Nov. 21.

“Today, he’ll be back at practice. I’ll decide on Saturday whether he’ll kick, but he’ll be back and part of the team,” Patterson said.

Patterson said Evans’ arrest is an individual matter, but it shines a negative light on the program as a whole.

“The fact I know right now is that he went to an apartment because of a stolen cell phone that the guy got returned to the girl,” Patterson said. “That’s the fact. And he kicked down a door, which is pretty stupid. He needs to make sure he’s responsible for all the damages that go along with that. He. Not TCU, not this football team, he. But all of us suffered because of what he did.”

Patterson said Evans’ decision was a poor one and put the reputation of his team and school at stake.

“We’re in a state where people shoot people when they come into their apartments,” Patterson said. “Let’s talk about common sense. Look what you put in jeopardy. That’s what I talk to my team all the time about. You don’t just represent yourself. You represent this football team. You represent this university. You represent this city.”

In addition, the timing of the incident, which according to the police report, occurred in the early morning hours of Nov. 8, lacked responsibility on Evans’ part, Patterson said.

“The night that he was out was on the Wednesday night before Boise,” Patterson said. “On a Wednesday night he goes to Denton so, as a head coach, he’s suspended as much for doing that. What’s it look like? Well, was the game really important to him? Everyone else is working their tails off and after he goes to Denton and all this stuff happens.”