Dutch’s adds new level

Dutch’s Hamburgers will soon have a rooftop patio complete with TVs, speakers, ceiling fans, misting fans and party lights.

Construction started on the two story deck in November, Kay Greenlee, Dutch’s general manager, said and should be completed in March. Greenlee planned to post updates regarding the construction on Dutch’s Facebook page, she said.

Greenlee planned the construction of the deck for a year and a half and said the goal of the deck is to create a comfortable atmosphere that was also visually appealing.

Junior film-television-digital media major Caten Hyde said he goes to Dutch’s once a week and was excited about having more room, especially outside seating.

Greenlee said Dutch’s planned a 3 to 4 day grand opening hopefully in the beginning of March.
Sophomore marketing major Mac Evans said he would be glad that he hopefully would not have to fight such large crowds on half-price burger night and game days.

Greenlee said the service outdoors would remain the same except for during university football games and certain weekends when a portable beer station would be available.

“We are treating it as extra seating to begin with and whether we add a full bar outside will depend on our customer feedback,” she said.

The hours of operation would most likely change in March, Greenlee said. The restaurant would close at 10 p.m. Sunday though Wednesday, and at midnight Thursday through Sunday.

Daily specials would remain the same, but Greenlee said she has considered the potential of serving wine-based margaritas.

“We are looking at adding Friday night as margarita night,” said Greenlee.

The two story deck will have a lighted stair case, safety railings on the stairs and 4-foot railing around the top half of the deck. In addition, the top deck will be covered with plastic covers and heated during the winter months and rain storms.