1873’s changes cut options

It is a new year with new beginnings in TCU’s 1873 Café and Sports Grill. From new menus to new uniforms, and better food which so many students have clearly showed excitement about, no one saw it coming.

There have been reactions of both excitement and disappointment from students regarding the variety of items on the menu, concerns about unhealthiness, and the now-absent late-night menu. Personally, I have no problem with the new menu, but I feel like there should be more items to choose from.

My favorite item was the late-night breakfast taquito, from the late-night menu (which I miss) that ranged around $1.79 per taquito. Some of the items on last year’s menu were cheaper than the items on this year’s menu, which some students have seemed to notice.

Of course the menu is an upgrade from the food we had on the menu in 2011, but a few students seem to be more concerned about the variety of options.

Sophomore film-television-digital media major Lorraine Ugen said, “Instead of them removing items on the menu this semester, they should have increased the amount of options on the menu because it is the only restaurant on campus, and there are not many choices. The food is better, but it would have been better if they kept the old items as well. I have only tasted the brisket from the new menu, and it was really nice.”

The lack of healthy options on the menu was also an issue. While some may either enjoy or dislike the variety of items, freshman pre-major Ashley Collins said she was more concerned with the unhealthiness of the menu.

“I like how they still have chicken on the menu, but I don’t like how everything seems so unhealthy. It doesn’t seem as vegetarian or vegan friendly like the old menu,” Collins said. “I was asked to try free samples, and I was a little disgusted because everything seemed fried and greasy. Looking on the outside, it does not seem appetizing, and it is very unhealthy versus the old menu.”

As far as the late-night menus go, sophomore education major Delisha Ford said she was in love with the food but that she did not like the fact the late-night menu is gone.

“I love the brisket sandwich, and the wings are better,” she said. “I don’t like the fact there is no late menu though.”

As a student, I cannot complain about the new items on the menu because last year I asked for a different taste, and here it is. I agree with Lorraine and Delisha that the brisket is quite tasty, especially with the new “Sweet Baby Ray’s” sauce that was added as well. I believe 1873 is doing its best to accommodate the student population by preparing fresh foods with better taste.

Veronica Jones is a sophomore strategic communication major from Dallas.