Jazzercise class mixes dance with cardio

Jazzercise is not just an ’80s workout filled with leg warmers and old ladies, Cass Moffett said.

The certified Jazzercise instructor described it as a whole-body workout combining cardio, strength and stretching for a full 55 minutes.

“Anybody is welcome to these classes: TCU students, employees, the community; Jazzercise is here for everybody,” Moffett said.

Jazzercise classes are offered in the University Recreation Center, and people are able to preview any one class session for free through Wednesday. Starting Thursday, March 1, this promotional offer would only be available for Friday sessions.

The Jazzercise class pass is separate from the class passes offered at the Rec Center. People can buy them through Lifelong Education to be used at the university. Monthly passes are available, also, so people do not have to sign up for the entire semester, she said.

Jazzercise is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings, Moffett said.

“Because Jazzercise combines strength training and the workout, you have that cardio, but, in addition, you don’t stop, so you also build muscle,” Moffett said. “The best part is the stretch, so many people forget about stretching; so you hardly see injuries in Jazzercise because we stretch you as well as you work out.”

Two Jazzercise classes are offered: the full 55-minute workout, and express Jazzercise, which is condensed into a fast 30-minute workout, she said.

“In the 55-minute class, we do more cardio, then the second part of class is the stretch portion,” Moffett said. “We also do a lot of floor work such as Pilates and yoga.”

Karen Kelly, administrative assistant in the Neeley Graduate Career Center, participates in Jazzercise, and she said it was great for coordination and balance.

“I love it. It’s fast, the time goes by really quick,” Kelly said. “You can’t beat that it is right here on campus, and the class is full of energy.”

She said she has been doing Jazzercise throughout the month of February and recently signed up for another month in March.

Moffett said low-impact classes were available for those who are new to fitness or coming back to it.

The Jazzercise pass also works for classes at the Margo Dean School of Ballet. This other location offers early morning Jazzercise classes.

Cassie Cure, administrative assistant in the Neeley School of Business, said Jazzercise was great for people who like to incorporate dance into a workout. Jazzercise compares to swimming because it works every part of the body, she said.

“Usually when I exercise, I’ll go to some type of dance class, and this is combining dance with cardio, so it’s great,” Cure said.

Moffett said people who do not know what Jazzercise is should get rid of the misconceptions of things such as leg warmers by attending a session. Even if they do not want to participate, they could just come watch and sit in on a class, then come back and try it, she said.