Residents play “Crewsade” games

Libby Poulin, a freshman psychology major, said theCrew should put together another event like Chaotic Crewsade.

“It was really fun, and it’s a good bonding experience with people in your hall,” Poulin said.
Students paired with someone from their residence hall to compete in a series of 20 small events against other residence halls Monday afternoon in the Campus Commons, Alex Erwin, the event organizer, said.

Chaotic Crewsade was the first big event theCrew hosted this year, Erwin said.

Participants represented about eight residence halls. The majority of students came from Milton Daniel and Moncrief halls, she said.

One challenge called “pie in the pants” had participants attempt to catch three pies into their pants, thrown by their teammates in under 30 seconds, Erwin said.

However, Poulin said the “human taco” was her favorite challenge.

“[Participants] had to lay on the ground in a piece of paper and the other partner had to run back and forth and put food objects on them,” Poulin said.

Some of the other games featured were “pizza toss,” “bouncesketball” and a TCU trivia station, Erwin said.

Milton Daniel Hall won a party supplied with free Chick-fil-A and ice cream for being the top-scoring residence hall to compete in Chaotic Crewsade, she said.

The individual winners both won a $100 Visa gift card, Erwin said.

“This year we actually received some budget cuts, and so we decided instead of doing lots of mini-events, we’d do one big event a month, and then do lots of little events throughout the semester,” Erwin said.

Chaotic Crusade cost a total of $1,500, she said.

TheCrew was uncertain if it would plan another Chaotic Crusade in the future, Erwin said. She said the decision would be made after theCrew evaluated the results of the event.