Rihanna’s collaboration with Chris Brown points to emotional trouble

Critics are using the “cycle of violence” to describe news that the dysfunctional duo, Rihanna and Chris Brown, are collaborating on songs that are receiving lots of attention. Analysts are breaking down the habits of Rihanna and her character in an attempt to explain to the world why Rihanna would collaborate with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Brown plead guilty to assaulting Rihanna in June 2009. A few months later Brown appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” in an interview concerning the state of his relationship with Rihanna and the sentence he received.

In the interview, Brown stated that he could not remember brutally assaulting his girlfriend and disfiguring her face the way police reports described. Nevertheless, Brown’s music has continued to be successful among die-hard Brown fans.

Rihanna also continued to successfully release songs that were widely accepted by the “Rihanna Navy” which is the name of her large fan base. As Rihanna continued to release popular songs that penetrated every music outlet, few fans and critics found fault with the content of her music.

Ever since her transition from pretty island girl to a full blown “good girl gone bad” — the name of her third album released in 2007 — the singer has been on an emotional rollercoaster; a rollercoaster I got off of after her third album.

Rihanna used to be a singing and fashion icon who graced the pages of magazines like Teen Vogue for teens and young adults. Though her fashion sense is still a force to be reckoned with her trouble with Brown has sent the mood of her music into a downward spiral.
Even though Rihanna has always been a little bad, her songs became progressively darker after her break up with Brown.

If we question her collaboration with Brown, we should question her collaboration with Eminem in “Love the Way You Lie”. This song was a sensation and yet it featured a dark place in any relationship that would only lead to counseling and rehab.
Songs like “S&M” and “Love the Way you Lie” should have been a sign that the singer was not handling her break-up with Brown well.

Rihanna’s collaboration with Eminem, who is notorious for his disturbing lyrics, should have received as much criticism as her new collaboration with Brown.

It should also come as a disturbing surprise that “S&M” received more than 35 million views on YouTube. Fortunately, users cannot view Rihanna’s “S&M” video without signing in to verify that they are 18 years old; but young Rihanna fans can easily overcome this precaution if they are determined to watch the video.

The singer seemed to reveal more discomfort in “We Found Love”. In this music video Rihanna and the blonde male actor portray a fast, dysfunctional relationship much like the one critics have described her relationship with Brown.

The themes of chaos and pain in her songs are a clear indicator that she is not in control like some analysts claim, and Brown is no better.

Ever since his trouble in 2009, the media has relentlessly exposed Brown‘s infamous Twitter rants and missteps.

Brown is currently accused of taking a woman’s phone after she tried to take photos of him outside of a nightclub. However, these allegations have not been proven.

Clearly Brown is frustrated with the constant attention and clearly the media can’t get enough. If these allegations are true, Brown could face prison time for breaching his probation.

Shortly after the death of Whitney Houston, some critics called for accountability of the well-being of artists in the music industry. People should have been concerned with the way Rihanna’s music was headed a long time ago.

LyTer Green is a senior strategic communication major from Fort Worth.