Police seized money, weapons and illicit substances during drug sting

A total of 1.3 kilograms of illicit substances with an estimated street value of $29,000 was seized during the Feb. 15 drug arrests, according to a Fort Worth police report.

Fort Worth Police released an “after action report” which TCU360 recieved through an open records request. 

Fort Worth and TCU Police arrested 16 current students on suspicion of drug dealing on Feb. 15. Fort Worth Police arrested 23 people from information gathered during a six-month investigation regarding drug deals near TCU’s campus, according to the arrest warrants and police report.

Arrest warrants for 10 additional individuals are to be processed “in the near future,” according to the report.

According to the report, one suspect, Austin Michael Carpenter, remains at-large. Carpenter is listed as a former student in the email directory.

The arrests of two additional former students who had not been previously named were detailed in the report.

Police arrested Alex Hunter Hofmann on Jan. 25 and seized 5 grams of marijuana and $5,040.

William Joseph Hoffman, the other former student, turned himself into the Tarrant County Jail the day after the drug busts occurred.

The substances that were seized from all of the residences included 1.25 kilograms of marijuana, 37 grams of prescription pills, 1.1 grams of cocaine and methamphetamine and 5.3 grams of a form of ecstasy known as MDMA or “molly.”

No drugs were seized during the arrests of David Yendry, Tyler Horn, Katherine Ann Petrie, and Cynthia Jaqueline Zambrano, according to the report.

The report also noted that nine weapons were seized, which included one rifle found on the TCU campus. Possession of a weapon on campus is also prohibited according to TCU’s policy and state law.

Police arrested Scott Lee Anderson on TCU’s campus and seized a rifle along with 2 grams of marijuana, according to the report. Under Texas law, a university campus is considered a drug-free zone.

The widest variety of drugs was found in the home where Peter Signavong was arrested, according to the report. Officers confiscated .4 grams of methamphetamine, .9 grams of ecstasy, 4.4 grams of MDMA (molly), and 11.78 ounces of marijuana. Police also found $3,948, according to the report.

The largest amount of marijuana was seized during the arrest of Bud Pollard Dillard, Earl Patrick Burke, Cameron Forgie and Eric Lodge. According to the report, 14.29 ounces of marijuana were seized. Officers also reported finding 37 grams of Xanax, Hydrocodone, Soma and Ambien.

Police seized six cellphones from the house and sixtotal firearms. According to the report, there was also a variety of “drug paraphernalia” confiscated from the home. Officers reported finding pipes, a grinder, plastic baggies and clear plastic capsules.

Jonathan Blake Jones, Eduardo Hernandez and Jordan Michael Donaldson were arrested at the residence where Jones and Hernandez lived. According to the report, .1 ounces of marijuana, .7 grams of cocaine, brass knuckles and $2,064 were found in the home.

The report stated that 6.4 ounces of marijuana, $2,874 and two HP laptops were seized when Taylor Cowdin was arrested.

Police reported seizing a shotgun and 4.08 ounces of marijuana when Devin Johnson was arrested.

Less than one ounce of marijuana each was found when Tanner Brock, William Jennings and Richard Clay Putney were arrested, according to the report.

Police reported finding 4.1 ounces of marijuana when Matthew Davis was apprehended and 1.76 ounces of marijuana when Michael King was arrested.

Hunter Wallace McLaughlin turned himself into the Tarrant County Jail within days after the drug bust. McLaughlin was named in a warrant announced at the same time that the other arrests occurred but was not arrested on Feb. 15.

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