Robert Carr Chapel nominated for best wedding venue in metroplex

Robert Carr Chapel nominated for best wedding venue in metroplex

Robert Carr Chapel has hosted weddings since 1953, but until recently, it had never been nominated for any awards.

Robert Carr Chapel was nominated by the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners for being one of the best ceremony venues in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“This is a big deal for us,” Robert Carr Chapel and Events Coordinator Brittany Luby said.

Wedding planners from the AACWP chose a combination of florists, vendors and venues they enjoyed working with and nominated them in January, Luby said.

The AACWP organized a banquet Feb. 28 to announce the winners in each category. Although Robert Carr Chapel did not win an award, it was an honor even to be nominated, Luby said.

“I have a lot of staff, and so the nomination is a testament to the hard work and motivation that I think they all have to put on really good weddings here,” Luby said.

University alumni and non-alumni alike are drawn to Robert Carr Chapel to have their weddings, Luby said.

“For TCU alum, it’s extra special because they went to school here,” Luby said. “For non-alums, which is about 40 percent of our weddings, it’s just a beautiful space with a long aisle and a lot of sunlight.”

For bride-to-be Kendall Worn, TCU’s holiday spirit inspired her and her fiancé to choose Robert Carr Chapel for their wedding.

“We’re getting married in the wintertime, so everything is going to be lit up through TCU’s campus,” Worn said. “We just thought this met our needs and was a perfect place for a winter wedding.”

Robert Carr Chapel is ideal for both small and large parties to host their weddings, especially an occupancy set of around 300 people, Luby said.