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Cayla Prophater, a senior biology major, wrote and published “Stella the Shark has a toothache.” (Photo courtesy of Cayla Prophater)
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By Savanna Dastrup, Staff Writer
Published Apr 11, 2024
Cayla Prophater, a senior biology major, wrote "Stella the Shark has a toothache," available now on Amazon.
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ADHD medication use without a prescription shows side effects

Some young people will do just about anything to keep fit, but a new and dangerous diet trend takes “anything” to a whole new level.

Students, especially females, have been taking ADHD medications like adderall and vyvanse to keep from eating for long periods of time.

The TCU staff psychiatrist Daralynn Deardorff said these medications are very dangerous without a prescription.

“These drugs are classified as narcotics…they have serious side effects,” Deardorff said.

People taking these drugs without a prescription have to worry about more than just these medical side effects — if they get caught with adderall or vyvanse and no prescription, there are serious legal implications.

TCU Police Chief Steve McGee said, “There are better ways to diet, and there are better ways to study; and I would not dabble in these because of the consequences.”

Students might not realize being in possession of any amount of adderall or vyvanse is a felony. The maximum charge is up to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Deardorff said that adderall and vyvanse are “schedule two controlled substances,” meaning that they are both dangerous and addictive. Examples of other drugs classified as class two are cocaine, OxyContin, and Morphie.

These medications function by stimulating the brain. The ‘super stimulation’ causes messages the brain is sending to be ‘blocked.’ Users can’t feel certain sensations like tiredness or hunger.

“Our bodies are machines that need to be taken care of,” Deardorff said. “If our brain is sending us a message, we should listen.”

McGee also said that students should know the punishment is very serious because these medications can do serious damage. The FDA puts only damaging drugs in classifications as high as schedule two.

“As far as not eating goes, I have seen girls just faint… because their blood sugar is so low,” Deardorff said.

She said it was important to take in enough calories to let the body function correctly.

Getting into your bikini and swim trunks might seem important in these weeks leading up to spring break but the consequences for this extreme diet outweigh the benefits.

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