Association celebrates Latino culture with authentic treats

Fiesta en Carnival, an event held by the United Latino Association, aimed to promote the Hispanic heritage and showcase the culture, Jose Trejo treasurer of ULA said.

Trejo, junior criminal justice major said ULA was established last year and hopes its events will bring awareness for the Latino culture and the organization. The carnival included Mexican food, authentic treats, piñata making and a disc jockey.

Elote en vaso was a unique treat for students. Trejo said the treat was corn in a cup and students could add their own flavor to it.

“It includes mayonnaise, lemon, butter, salsa and cheese,” he said.

Also with the weather warming up, a treat called paleta was keeping students and organization members cool. Paleta is a Hispanic ice cream that comes in a variety of flavors such as watermelon, mango, strawberry and more. 

In order to create a fun atmosphere, Ruben Sandoval, the DJ, made every effort to include students in the carnival and provide music. He said he enjoys playing Latino music because the genre is versatile and allows him to play everything.

“It’s the rhythm, it’s the way a party can just be set off by a certain song,” Sandoval said. 

He also said the event was a great opportunity for the TCU community to acknowledge the Latino culture and become more involved.

ULA President Crystal Romero said the event was developed because a carnival is a reflection of their culture. She said she hopes the event develop more in the future.

“We just want it go grow,” Romero said. “We’ve done this [Fiesta en Carnival] so we just want it to keep growing.”