Patterson expresses thoughts on new playoff system

Patterson expresses thoughts on new playoff system

TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson said implementing a playoff system into college football by the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) as opposed to a bowl game format is a winning resolution for all parties.

The playoff system, which was “formally recommended” by BCS commissioners last week would give four teams, decided on by a committee, the opportunity to play against one another in the existing BCS bowl games to determine which two teams would play for a National Championship.

If approved by the BCS presidential oversight committee on Tuesday, the new system will be put into play in the 2014 season.

“Everybody should be happy that you’re going to get a form of a playoff where you can see those four teams win and get that final ball game just like a Super Bowl,” Patterson said.

Conference champions and teams with more difficult schedules will be given preference upon the BCS committee’s decisions on which four teams will participate in the bowl games leading to a championship game.

Patterson said there might be some hesitation from those who want to see eight or ten teams competing for a chance at a championship.

“There are probably eight to ten teams, that if they get hot, could win a national championship depending on who they play and what they do,” Patterson said. “The key is  somebody’s going to pick those four teams and how they do it and we’ll see how that goes.”

Giving student athletes a “bowl game experience” is an aspect within the new system that is really important, Patterson said.

“Let’s just take for example the Poinsettia Bowl. A kid from east Texas, he’s never been to the ocean. For him to go to San Diego and have a four or five day experience to see something else in life, that’s giving back,” Patterson said.

“I think that everybody wins, we get the bowl system, we get what we want, and you find out a true champion,” Patterson said.