Flag half-staff for former Health Center Director

The flag will be half-staff on Friday in memory of Jack Terrell, M.D. the former director of the TCU Health Center.

Dr. Terrell, 77, was the director of the health center from 1973 until his retirement in 2007.

Dr. Terrell received his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Stanford University in 1956, Marilyn Hallam said, assistant to the director of health services.

He then went on to attend the University of Texas medical branch at Galveston and earned his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. He later completed graduate work at Harvard University in the medical care of adolescents and earned a fellowship in adolescent medicine. He also completed graduate work at TCU in student personnel administration.

“He was an exceptionally fine physician, he cared about the students at TCU and provided excellent care over 32 years,” Hallam said.

During his time at TCU, Dr. Terrell oversaw a number of changes to the health center including the transition a 30-bed hospital to the modern center it is today. As the former co-chairman of the Student Insurance Healthcare Committee, Dr. Terrell also helped TCU develop the student and faculty health care plans.

Dr. Terrell also helped off-campus during his lunch hour at the Tarrant County Medical Education and Research Foundation.

A memorial service will be held on Friday at noon at Thompson’s Harveson & Cole Funeral Home in Fort Worth.

Dr. Terrell was preceded in death by one of his two adopted sons.