Students, SGA comment on Intercom’s indecision

No decision was made Thursday night during a board meeting to deliberate reinstating the lost Inclusiveness & Intercultural Services chair to Intercom. Below are reactions from various students following the meeting. 

"I know everything doesn’t happen overnight, but with all the meetings with NAACP and Brent [Folan] and Marisol [Sigala], we thought this was the time. I don’t know what we have to do."  – Braylon Hartfield, NAACP public relations coordinator 

"People are now more aware of the issues that the student groups feel on campus. I don’t believe adding a seat to Intercom will fix all our issues, but we need a grassroots approach. When people find an issue on campus, you have to explain the issue to other people."  Josh SimpsonStudent Government Association Vice President of Operations

"Students aren’t feeling that their positions are being heard, and hopefully something positive happens. I know a lot of people on campus are going to be upset.”  – Ashlee Gipson, Black Student Association (BSA) vice president

"At the end of the day, there wasn’t a resolution, and my understanding is that ultimately that’s Brent’s decision. I don’t know when that will take place." – Simpson

“I’m a little discouraged. I felt that student leaders would have the same visual goals that we do, to have that same representation of everybody, so them postponing another two weeks makes me feel like it’s not a pressing issue for them.”- Azucena Cruz, Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MGC) president

"I know Brent Folan said he was going to support us and it’s a done deal, but now as the whole situation goes, maybe he doesn’t have the best interests at heart for everyone." – Hartfield

“Minorities should be represented equally on campus and as part of the United Latino Association, I encourage my members to go sign up and be part of Intercom.” – Jose Trejo, United Latino Association (ULA) president

"I think the issue is not Intercom. The demographics at TCU are changing, and I think the challenge of meshing new issues into the university…you have to find all the common interests and then you can work on the smaller things." – Simpson

"No matter what the outcome of the Intercom conversation, it is more than apparent that the Intercom system need be reformed. The students need to be able to have their voices heard and only by creating a structure and defining goals of Intercom can this happen." – Jonathan Davis, Council of Student Leaders (CSL) co-founder 

"Students aren’t feeling that their positions are being heard, and hopefully something positive happens. I know a lot of people on campus are going to be upset.” – Gipson   

"Maybe some of the issues are really cultural instead. It’s an interesting time for everyone, regardless if they’re on Intercom. It’s a really emotional time for everyone.”  – Simpson

“SGA can be a really viable source of public dialogue. All students are welcome to House meetings, or come talk to me and Brent [Folan], Graham [McMillan], David [Belpedio], and we want to represent student interests.” – Simpson

“Just the fact that we haven’t heard about [Intercom] and they just don’t consider us enough to earn a spot on that, because it’s as easy as saying ‘Yes, we’ll let you be on this board.’ It doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t cost them anything." – Stephanie Huyen, National Pan-Hellenic Greek Council

 “We are acting on it this week because you shouldn’t take two weeks to figure out a decision if you already know the issues that are presented to you.“ – Gabrielle McBay, NAACP president

 “We deserve a seat.” – Huyen

"The fact that you needed to take a two- week hiatus in order to come back and decide what you are all about is a problem to me. Why do have an organization that you don’t know why you’re here?" – Shelby Best, Black Student Association President

“It’s not fair. We need our voices to be heard and taking a seat off just limits us. It’s kind of intimidating but we’ll stand strong and hope for the best." – Nathan Wang, Asian Student Association

 “I feel like we need to be taken seriously and that they need to see that this campus needs to be more about diversity and everyone’s wishes.” – Best