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Golf team not sure what to expect at Carmel Cup

Golf team not sure what to expect at Carmel Cup

Having not practiced yet, head coach and players alike are interested to see how the year's first tournament will turn out.

TCU men’s golf head coach Bill Montigel and standout players said they don’t know what will come from the team’s match play tournament at the Carmel Cup in Monterey, Calif. the weekend of Sept. 1-2.

 “To be honest, I don’t know what to expect (from the Carmel Cup),” Montigel said. “We haven’t had a practice this year.”

But Montigel and sophomore standout Julien Brun said the 2012-2013 team is coming in underrated, especially with the addition of freshman Paul Barjon from France, who is ranked No. 56 in the world, according to Golf Week, and the return of redshirt senior Eli Cole.

 At the Carmel Cup, TCU will play Big 12 opponent Texas Tech and SEC teams Vanderbilt and Texas A&M, which was ranked No. 11 nationally after this past season.

 The team will open versus Texas A&M, then play Vanderbilt and Texas Tech the second and third days, respectively.

 “We’re going to play (Texas A&M) and (Texas Tech), which are pretty decent teams, so we’re going to have a look at where we’re at and what we have to do the rest of the season to get ready,” Brun said.

 Montigel said this tournament should show college golf that TCU deserves attention, though.

 “A lot of people don’t know who Paul (Barjon) is, so we’re really under the radar screen,” he said. “At first, we might be under the radar screen, but after we’ve won a couple, I don’t think we’ll be under it anymore.”

The Aggies would be TCU’s toughest competition, especially with the program’s history of success, Montigel said.

 Brun, Barjon, Cole and senior Daniel Jennevret comprise the team’s nucleus, so Montigel said the Carmel Cup would also provide valuable insight into how the four play for the rest of the season.

 “We’ve got four really solid players,” he said. “People forget who Eli (Cole) is because he wasn’t playing last year.”

 The tournament is one of only two tournaments the team will play this fall, so it will be integral to the season’s acclimation process, Montigel said.

 Jennevret said the Carmel Cup’s format allows for both personal and team practice. 

“I really don’t know what to expect because there are only four teams and it’s match play,” he said. “But if the other guys handle business and I handle my business, it should turn out well

 Jennevret said he worked on the mental aspects of his game this summer, while shoring up his short game.

 One thing is for sure, though: Montigel, Brun, Jennevret and others are excited to play at Pebble Beach, one of the tournament’s host courses.

 “Just to see the atmosphere and the history, the holes close to that water…it’s an amazing feeling,” Jennevret said. “I’m just going to think about all the others who played (at Pebble Beach).”


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