SGA to encourage open communication between students and representatives


Student Government Association will make public contact information for its representatives in response to concerns stemming from the recent member selection process for Intercom and the creation of the organization Council of Student Leaders, according to a press release released by Student Body Vice President Joshua Simpson.

Some students do not see SGA as a venue for voicing their concerns, and SGA suggests that this can be fixed is by first contacting their class or college representative, Simpson said.

SGA recognizes the importance of community and the need for public dialogue on the TCU campus, Simpson said. He said the organization prides itself on its unique ability to hear and address student concerns.

Each year SGA acts as a strong advocate for organizations to voice their concerns as well as allocates $100,000 to these organizations to pursue their missions, Simpson said.

Simpson said although college and class divide SGA’s representation method, they work on initiatives for the entire student body, have strong communications with TCU officials, and are open to considering a variety of social issues.

Students can join SGA in addressing this year’s pertinent concerns September 11, 2012, at 5 p.m. in the BLUU Chambers.