Folan addresses student representation, offers new Intercom model

Folan addresses student representation, offers new Intercom model

Fellow Horned Frogs,

My main priority as Student Body President is to leave Texas Christian University an even better place than when I first arrived. This means listening and addressing the needs and concerns of the student body. 

Two weeks ago, I made the decision to remove one of the Inclusiveness & Intercultural Services seats on Intercom. After long reflection and candid conversations with different student groups and individuals across campus, I realize it was a mistake to remove the seat. I understand the issue of representation is an important and sensitive issue to many TCU students and should also be to me.

Though there are broader conversations to have about the role of Intercom in student leadership, I offer this immediate change in structure for Intercom:

  • 2 SGA (President and a Vice President)

The following University Departments will have student seats on the council:

  • 3 Fraternity and Sorority Life (At least 1 Male and 1 Female)
  • 1 Inclusiveness & Intercultural Services
  • 1 Housing & Residence Life
  • 1 Honors College
  • 1 Alumni Relations
  • 1 Community Involvement & Service-Learning
  • 1 International Student Services
  • 1 Student Development Services

Appointments to the group will be made by the administrative department with the intention of covering the collective TCU student experience. Staff advisors will select students who best reflect the values of the segment of the student experience, not necessarily dependent on their position in an organization.

One of the major changes includes the addition of a third seat under the umbrella of Fraternity and Sorority Life to best reflect TCU’s diverse Greek community.

Meetings of the council will no longer be closed dinners but will be conducted in a town hall format. At these gatherings, council members will be called on to share their perspective.

To ensure that each voice is heard, all students are invited to these open meetings. In order to stay on task and remain efficient, students who wish to speak will be asked to submit a discussion point to be placed on an agenda one week prior to the meetings to my email [email protected] Our next meeting will be Sept. 13, 2012 at 5:15 p.m. in the Brown-Lupton University Union. 

I look forward to your active participation in this dialogue about student representation.

Go Frogs,

Brent C. Folan