Parking is a main focus for commuters

A common sight at the beginning of the year is TCU Police officers issuing tickets in zoned lots. At the end of the semester, it is near impossible to see the yellow slips on windshields.  

If commuters can't find spots in the commuter lots, Sandage and new parking lots will have space, TCU Police Chief Steven McGee said.

He also said shuttles run from Sandage and overflow lots regularly to take students to the main part of campus. Students can find the shuttle routes on the free TCU Mobile app located in the App Store for your iPhone.

Over the years, commuters have seen their spots get taken more and more by the newer students due to the increased school population. As the year wears on, commuters become more and more frustrated when they see a freshman parked in a commuter lot and see the lack of enforcement. McGee said parking is not the main focus of TCU Police, as many commuters would like to see. Their main concern is the safety of the student and faculty body and TCU property.

Their primary concern is the handicap and fire lanes, then the visitor lots, and finally the zoned lots. Senior English major Brittany Pope said she sees TCU Police sitting in lots, but not always issuing tickets to violators. This is a common sight on campus that often frustrates some commuters.

If students look at the parking lot map, also located in the TCU Mobile app, you can see what stickers can park where, and where the shuttles run from. 

There is a parking garage in the campus's future, McGee said. The garage will be in Worth Hills, next to the new residence halls.